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Treatment by Age

There’s no braces age limit! A beautiful, straight smile builds confidence – and we have treatments for generations A to Z. Discover how we can customize braces for kids, braces for teens, and adult orthodontics so everyone Smiles Happy!

Types of Braces

We offer all types and philosophies of orthodontic treatment from MBT system, metal and clear braces, Damon braces and Invisalign clear aligners to maximize your comfort so you can Smile Happy from the start.

Braces for Kids

When thinking about braces for kids, a little prevention goes a long way. An early treatment plan for your child lays the foundation for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends parents bring their children to an orthodontist by age 7 for an initial evaluation.


Benefits of Early Treatment

A child’s jaw and face grow very fast. Left unmonitored or unguided, this growth can affect crowding of adult teeth and the overall shape of the face. An early treatment plan can help guide growth and prevent adult teeth from crowding for the most beautiful smile and face. Additionally, bringing your young ones to early examinations helps reinforce the value of taking care of their teeth from the earliest age, ensuring a lifetime of good habits.

Braces for Teens

Dazzle’s braces for teens help patients maximize their oral health, boost their self-esteem, and Smile Happy! Most patients get their braces between the ages of 12 and 16, as most permanent teeth have grown in by this time. Spacing, crowding, and issues with bite and alignment are also easily detected at this age.

Benefits of Braces for Teens

Start early: Working alongside a teen’s natural period of growth and development can result in less correction required in the future, as well as the ability to take advantage of the many available modern options. Post-braces: Properly-aligned teeth will be easier to keep clean with flossing and brushing, making cavities and decay less likely, while also alleviating bad bites which could lead to chips or sore jaw muscles. Giving your teen braces means so much more than just a healthy, beautiful smile. Straighter teeth contribute to clearer speech and many studies have shown that people with healthier smiles have more confidence and often enjoy more success in school, work, and in their communities.

Braces for Adults

Adult braces and orthodontic treatments at Dazzle Dental Center help patients reclaim health and confidence! After all, orthodontic treatment is not just for kids and teens: The American Association of Orthodontists reports one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 21.


Benefits of Braces for Adults

If you are an adult with crooked teeth, you probably know that keeping them clean can be extra difficult. Adult braces address the issues of bacteria and plaque build-up, making your dental care much easier and increasing chances to keep natural teeth, avoiding costly dentures, extractions, or prosthetics in the future. Your smile not only affects your confidence and how you present yourself, straight teeth also drive whole-body health. Aligned bites also prevent decay and relieve pressure on certain teeth and jaw joints, helping to avoid tempo mandibular (temporomandibular) joint disorder, or TMJ. Headaches, earaches, tooth cracks, and even gastrointestinal problems can all be relieved with adult braces as well.


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