Dazzle Dental Center




The hygienist I currently see at this practice is the best I have ever known. I just wish I was able to mention them by name so that they may have full recognition but you know who you are and I thank you

Sara M. Al-Enezi

Very happy with this practice. Our family of five have been with this practice for almost two years. Have only praise for this team. All three children were referred for orthodontic work and I have had a few issues which were always dealt with efficiently.

Jassem Dashti

Just have to say that Dazzle have the very caring dentists who excel in reassuring their patients and give excellent service, explain what they are doing every step of the way. The best dentists I have ever seen.

Abdulrahman Al-Nabhan

عيادة ممتازه وتعامل جدا راقي ومهني وطاقم طبي في منتهى الكفاءة وبالأخص بالذكر د راشد العازمي استشاري التقويم

Aida Alamdar

بيتي الثاني الي ارتاح فيه للامانه عياده حلوه من دكاتره وطاقم العاملين فيها ككل تعاملت مع  دكتور راشد العازمي ودكتور فهد السند ودكتوره نور أيدهم خفيفه وروحهم حلوه والله يستاهلون مليون نجمه مو بس خمسه 

Ghader Alra

اقوى عيادة بالكويت وشكراً من قلب للدكتور راشد العازمي والطاقم الطبي كله


دكاترة في منتهى التفاني والحرص والحرفية والادب ربي لا يضيع تعبكم

Taiba Al-Tammar

المكان بجد روووعة  والأطباء شغلهم احترافي .. أفضل عيادة أسنان زرتها أتمنى لكم التوفيق 

Hadeel Combal

اكثر من مجرد مركز

Emad Nasser

This is the best dental clinic in Kuwait! Thank you for your service!


Professional staff, well equipped dental clinic.

Moayyad Alshaaban

The Best Dental Clinic in Kuwait❤️

Amirah Steffi

Professional and well educated doctors.

Lulu alha

It was a perfect experience🤝

Yasmeen Alazemi

Good! Very good doctors and nurses.

Dazzle Dental Center